World's largest UFO sightings database

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Cross-platform App

If you are interested in UFO, alien landing sites, pictures and videos from flying saucers crashes, UFO sightings, close encounters and life in Space it does not matter what kind of device you are going to use.

Alien Spotter is being made especially for You and it supports all devices and all operating systems. Our database and software is fully responsive and working on all machines. Just focus on UFO spotting and share it with the others via Alien Spotter.

Pictures & Videos

We’re working hard to develop the largest social media based UFO sightings and alien connected materials database. Feel free to browse Roswell crash, Area 51 documentation, alien autopsy materials and hundreds of flying saucers and UFO sightings photos and videos uploaded by other users with…


Every UFO or Aliens sighting event is placed on the map with all due documentation. It gives possibility to trace the amount of sightings in specified areas or visit the places and check for yourself. So, stay tuned as we are developing something that might interest you.

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